The project aims at developping a generic product that will allow the integration of the various components necessary for the Real-Time (RT) management of the urban water cycle.

A few tasks will be devoted to adapt/extend the function of few existing components (models, optimisation module) to demonstrate the applicability of the product in various pilote sites illustrating various parts of the urban water cycle :  

  • Barcelona, Spain : Optimised & Management of Urban drainage and downstream WWTP 
  • Lyonnaise des Eaux, France : Monitoring of Network on both hydraulics and water quality.  
  • Baerum Water, Norway : Optimised Management of Drinking Water Supply (DWS), ), i.e. treatment and distribution  
  • KWR Pilot : Test of new sensor on VITENS drinking water network.  The Following will be developped in OPRISMA in the 4 different levels of an integrated Real-Time Management System (see the Project Outline).  Open integrated software  
  • Development of a generic product that can possibly be used for the development of application for RTMS of the urban cycle using existing components  Optimal Management  
  • Real-time optimal control applications to compute control strategies for the operation of drinking water treatment, transport and distribution networks, of urban drainage networks and its coordination with WWTP management.  
  • Real-time monitoring software in drinking water treatment/transport/dsitribution networks to detect quality problems; in urban drainage to monitor and predict in real time flooding and polluting-discharge risks in a WWTP.  Monitoring and modelling    
  • Adaptation of the drainage modelling component for RT application  
  • Innovative, system-independent, real time forecast system tailored for sewer system monitoring and modelling  Monitoring hardware devices  
  • Test of four new sensor in the Drinking Water Area  -Investigating energy harvesting for sensors  
  • Adaptation of telecom device capabability to allow the sensors interaction to the smart metering (radio) infrastructure  
  • Investigating the added value of  up to four new sensor systems for water quality determination.