European water markets   are looking for more efficient management systems going beyond existing  Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) capabilities.

There is a need for improved process control on both water flow and water quality. The overall goal of the DUTS project is to build a two-way, low-cost communication platform for water management using a local intelligence layer. Not only the platform will permit remote meter management, but it   will also allow:  Supervision of water quality through sensors and chemical probes;  Remote management of water quality and flows; Local processing capabilities enabling autonomous emergency   control; Local and remote management of actuators such as the Switchflow® developed by Hydrelis. The development of this platform will require breakthrough developments in the following areas: Efficient two-way communication system; Ultra-low energy consumption devices: no existing system can   provide both a 10-year autonomy and the command of actuators; Two decision layers: a local intelligence and a centralized Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS).  This platform will demonstrate its technical innovations and marketing   Unique Selling Propositions in two representative pilot sites supervised and managed by Aguas de Valencia in Spain and by Société Canal de Provence in France.    Operationally, the DUTS platform will facilitate water management by allowing the remote control of valves and sensors. This in turn will   permit an optimized water usage as well as important water savings, will facilitate raw water management and help manage water shortages.  Although this technology could be applied to many water management areas, the DUTS platform will primarily address the needs identified in the potable water sector. The project includes a business planning task in order to maximize its market potential.