Optimisation of a Stack for Medium temperature Operation and System integration for stationary applications

The project aims at developing a 1 kWe HT PEMFC system prototype able to operate under natural gas and in evaluating its performances in the operating conditions of small residential applications. The challenge of the project is to meet the ambitious specifications required by the µCHP application for individual houses in terms of performances (minimum 80% overall efficiency and 30% electrical efficiency, system lifetime of 10 years) and modulation ability (down to 300 We), the whole at a reasonable investment cost (target at 4000-5000 €/kW for the customer) to ensure an acceptable pay-back period for the customer (between 5 to 10 years). Reaching this ambitious target is only possible by using an integrated approach starting from system specifications (all partners) to define the right MEA (ICG-AIME) and stack development (Ser Energy) with a potential loop of optimisation after system integration (IRMA and Auer) and validation (EIFER): improvements at the scale of core components will be integrated in the stack development and finally integrated at the system level.